The QHNet Technology Initiative (QTI) will be hosting a hackathon event tagged ‘Hack for IoT’  is  slated to hold in Yenegoa, Bayelsa state. The hackathon is a design and prototype challenge where 500 participants will compete by developing usable prototypes that can solve real-world problems in their communities.

The hackathon also gives participants the opportunity to win prizes, Intenships, Mentorship and have access to a team of bright mind, software, Internet of Things development platforms, tools and industry experts. This year’s theme is ““Connect, Collaborate, Create for Good” and, according to QTI, the goal of the 2019 hackathon is for the participants to “create mockups or prototypes of products, services and ideas that are able to generate social and economic value for the community by hacking common objects and using open data, public APIs, frameworks for fast prototyping and software development, micro-controllers, sensors, and 3D Printers.”

The 500 participants comprising of 50 teams (10 participant per team)  will focus on solving problems in the areas of payments, education, health, agriculture, Big Data, artificial Intelligence (AI)  and security. Each team will ideate, hack  on challenges cutting through major fronts in the development sector.



The Prototype that meets the requirement of our Prize is taking into our Business Incubation System and the student with the project is trained, equipped and schooled in the process involved in starting and running a business, innovating a business model and designing and launching a product for the marketplace. Part of it will include ensuring that such business gets the necessary funding to be launched and sustained. We at, QTI, will continue to give the business the necessary support to ensure that it grows, gain market share, disrupt industries and create new industries.